Dr. John Moore

EnergyChiro.com was founded by Dr John W Moore BEd BHSc MChiro (Chiropractor).

Dr John is embarking on his 4th  University degree – studying a PhD degree at Lincoln University College Medical School in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia. His research topic is “The neurological, biomechanical, physiological and psychological effects of Energy Field Clearing in humans.” This will be ground-breaking research, bridging the gap between science and the meta-physical, as this process can be performed remotely from any distance via Skype, resulting in immediate demonstrable improvement to before and after physical tests. Dr John intends to further popularize his unique form of Energy Field Clearing (see the ENERGY MEDICINE section) and teach others his technique for the benefit of human-kind.

Dr John previously established one of Australia’s most successful chiropractic clinics – “Chiropractic-Works” in Cairns, North Queensland. He has been offering optional Guaranteed Results Programs since 2003 (see Guaranteed Results section).

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